Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Run/Walk

Please join us for this virtual 1k, 5k, 10k, Half Marathon to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis.




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Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Run/Walk

March is Multiple Sclerosis awareness month, a time for sufferers, family members, and supporters to share information, sympathy, and camaraderie, drawing attention to this disease of the central nervous system. The cause is unknown, and there is no definitive cure as of this writing. However, there are many effective treatments, so those afflicted with MS should not lose hope.

This month is all about raising awareness, educating wider society, fundraising, and getting behind those scientists that seek to advance our understanding of MS. So help spread awareness and contribute to research that will someday provide a cure by doing what you love....running or walking!

20% of proceeds will go to Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA).


  • Register for the race
  • Complete a 1k, 5K, 10k or Half Marathon run/walk at your convenience, any time, anywhere between March 10-16, 2024
  • Submit your time to see how you placed overall and receive your finisher certificate.
  • Celebrate your accomplishment by sharing on social media! #RunsForAPurpose
  • Feel free to join the Virtual Runs for a Purpose Facebook Group to share and celebrate with other participants.


  • How do I print my bib?
    Once you register, go to your profile page and scroll down to the event listed. On the right, click "View Digital Bib"
  • How do I print my finisher certificate?
    Once you submit your time after completing the race, there will be an option to print your finisher certificate.
  • Do I have to submit my time to get my swag?
    No, submitting your time is optional, your medal and shirt (if purchased) will be mailed to you regardless.
  • How do I track my time?
    You can use any time tracking app available in the app store. Here is a list of the top 10 apps.
  • How do I create a team?
    During registration, you will setup a team name. Share your team name with others so when they go to register, they look for your team name to join. Once you have 3 people on a team, you each will get a $5 refund and anyone who joins after the 3rd person will automatically get the $5 discount.
  • Do all team members have to run/walk together?
    No, that is the great part about a virtual race! Each team member can run/walk at their own pace on their own time.
  • Do all team members have to do the same distance?
    No, each team member can choose to do their own distance.
  • When will I get my medal and/or shirt?
    Medals will start to ship the first week of March through the end of the race. Shirts ordered by February 10th will arrive in time for the race. Shirts ordered after February 10th are not guaranteed to arrive by March 10th.


Registration includes: race medal, bib and finisher certificate.
Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Run/Walk
Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Run/Walk
Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Run/Walk


Shirts are available for $20 during checkout.
Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Run/Walk
Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Run/Walk
Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Run/Walk